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I was asked to do an online reputation search on Dustin Call and I gladly accepted the challenge. I love being able to see what social media can tell me about someone and how technology has brought us closer together. In my early attempts in search for Dustin, I did not see the road blocks ahead of me and how, sometimes, the easiest of things can quickly turn to the most difficult endeavors. Nonetheless, after following the breadcrumbs, here is what I have discovered about Dustin Call.

**The research that I used is public information and is able to be duplicated by any layman.

My first impressions of Dustin are that he is very social media savvy and also takes great precautions in revealing himself through these media. One of the greatest road blocks that I came to was the fact that the name is fairly common and a generic search for Dustin Call will yield About 36,500,000 results. Even on the first Google search page nothing points to any page that he is associated with. It was not until I narrowed the search to a specific location i.e. Utah, or California; this is where I started to make some headway. Also, it is important to mention that most people have different aliases when it comes to an online presence and figuring out what their “internet name” is can open a whole new level of “who is…?” In this case, I found that Dustin likes to go by the username of DustinCall_8 or even DustinCall8.

The first thing I was able to find out about Dustin is from Through this medium, I was able to start my framing of “who is Dustin Call?” When I search for him, I am more interested in what are his interests, his influencers, and groups that he follows. Everything else like schools, jobs, marital status, and summary are helpful but are used as secondary search topics.

For LinkedIn, I could tell that Dustin has a strong aptitude for fashion and design; he follows companies like Elite Modeling, Ford Models, Inc, Models International, Brinkworth Interior Design and Interior Image Group, to name a few. I can tell from this that Dustin has a strong desire to be enmeshed with the fashion/creative world and has, from his resume, had a job in some form of creative work and even started a business of his own named, Glitz & Glam Home Couture which can be found on Facebook (source: This would also lead me to believe that if he has a desire for this type of creativity, he would most likely venture into a social medium that enables him to express his potentiality, and this idea lead me to search for him in Pinterest. (source:

Searching Pinterest, I found that my assumptions were not too far off. The amount of work that he has put into this is very evident. He has over 1,100 pins and I would say that 95% of them are in regards to fashion or some type of creativity. His followers are lacking and that could be because of lack of advertising or networking with other like-minded artists. I would assume that it is a matter of time before his followers increase dramatically. (source:

Now you are probably wondering why I did not jump right to Facebook with my search and there is a perfect explanation for that. Upon doing my research, I came across a blog that Dustin had commented on and he stated, “I set all my profile setting to private and made things hard to find out information about me to see what you could dig up ?!?”(source: And to no surprise, his Facebook is completely locked-up. However, that was for his profile and what I look for is what he forgets to put private. He did put his address in a post that was public and he mentioned he was moving from it (88 N Satsuma Drive in Providence); this was back in November of 2013. I also learned that he loves his mother and has helped her out in many different ways, for instance when he helped her sell her 2002 Chevy Tahoe. He also likes to get a tan and massages. He also mentioned selling his designer pants a few times. (source:

I found that he has a Google+ account that is rarely used. From what it looks like, he used it to post articles on his blog that are related to a social media class that he was taking at Utah State University. His interest and likes were identical to what I found on LinkedIn and Facebook, so there was not much more to add ( He also has a Twitter account that he uses often for personal use (source: I also found deep in the internet his StumbleUpon account; here his StumbleDNA is 49% Art-History. He had the same motif as the rest of his social media content, but now we can narrow in on his interests (source: If time had permitted I would have dug deeper into his social media world, but as I see it, I am content with the information and feel like I have a good picture of “who is Dustin Call.”

In summary, Dustin has done very well for keeping most of his personal social media confidential, with an exception of posting his address. I would suggest for him to take his online reputation to the next step by spreading out his Pinterest page to other media platforms to draw in more followers. I got a sense that he has potential to really take off on his creative fashion sense and design, but I did not see any of his other platforms linking to his Pinterest page. He should blog about some of the designs or fashion that he creates. This would be a great portfolio for a potential employers or the public to catch on.

Here are some profile pics that I was able to associate with Dustin:

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Letter to Cousin

I know we had conversed a few weeks back and you had a few questions about the benefits that come from writing professional and technical letters. I am grateful that you came to me for help in gaining a greater understanding in this field of writing. You mentioned to me that you did not see the difference between a regular letter and a professional letter and you told me that they both convey the same message; however, you could not be more wrong.
This letter will give you a greater understanding of professional letters and I will post some links to give you some extra resources. To start out, I wanted to bring up the need for effective communication. Every day you communicate your thoughts to other people and, at times, some people that you need to communicate with are in remote locations. By sending letters, you are able to communicate who you are, what you are doing, and interests that you have. However, the way it looks and your format can have a drastic impression on the recipient. This letter will show you how to suit up your letter in the best possible way and to communicate how professional you look through the paper. Sure, sending a letter to your aunt in Florida does not need to look fancy and she would not mind if you made it look like you are still in your pajamas. This would be a great example of a personal letter. A simple “Dear Aunt Edna” and a closure of “Love you always! –Ricki” is a great way to still communicate that you are still her favorite nephew. However, can you imagine writing a letter like that to a potential employer? That would be career suicide! I was able to conjure up some great references to help you effectively and professionally communicate yourself to a potential employer.
The University of Wisconsin Green Bay wrote a short article about the simple structure of a professional letter. In the letters, they said, “…it is critical that as a candidate you are able to write professional letters throughout your job search to effectively market yourself to potential employers.” Take a look at the outline of the paper and you will notice that there is far more work that goes into writing a professional paper. Take for instance where you should put the employer’s information. That is right, exactly where you would put Aunt Edna’s salutation! The actual professional salutation for the professional letter comes after the date and the information for the company. It gets even better! In the article, they state that you should never start with “To whom it may concern” or “Dear Sir/Madam”. I actually laughed because I can think of a few times that I have found myself guilty of starting a letter this way.
The next part they cover is the body of the letter. This information can serve as a great guideline and will ensure that you communicate your letter effectively. It mentions that the paragraphs should range from 3-5 paragraphs and this depends on the content and intent of the letter. Another rule that they suggest is to keep it single-spaced in the paragraph and double-spaced between paragraphs. In addition, it mentions to keep the closing simple with “Sincerely” and then you would space 3-4 lines and type your full name at the bottom. The last step is to sign your name in-between those lines in either blue or black ink. I’ve left out a few things that can add some extra benefits. I would suggest following the link to find out more. They cover information from how to create High Impact Letters, Pre-Interview and Pre-Screening Letters, and Networking or the Informational Interview Letter. Check it out and let me know if you would like any more information.



University of Wisconsin
Purdue University