Text Messaging and Mobile Instant Messaging

For realzies! I just heard they are getting rid of texting? (Played in a teen girl voice)
There are varieties of articles that speculate that text messaging or direct messaging (SMS) will eventually be something of the past. This will most likely become true, however, most people when they think of text messaging they combine all of their third party apps (like Whatsapp, IM) or software (Facebook messenger, or Google Messenger) as part of this word texting. Or, not. I have to admit, I did not know the difference at first, because I never really cared all that much about knowing the difference; that was until now.
In the big picture, text messaging is on the decline and will probably be the last thing you use to communicate with others. What is taking over then? This answer may cause you to thump your head… It is instant messaging (MIM). With apps like Whatsapp, viber, snapchat, etc., there are a myriad of different platforms to communicate and depending on your situation will usually indicate which one you use the most. Facebook recently purchased Whatsapp to the tune of $16 billion; they noticed that the usage of this platform was “approaching the entire global telecom SMS volume.” One of the main reasons for the shift from text messaging to instant messaging was the cost of sending and receiving texts. For the most part, you could send instant messaging for free or for a flat once a year fee. The other reason was brought up by ”Anthony Mullen, an analyst at Forrester Research, argued that data is now the key concern for customers, and that IM was the evident winner.”
The future of instant messaging is about to explode! With data being such a vital resource for people and instant messaging being data sensitive, you will begin to see more and more integration with the many possibilities that these apps can produce. For instance, they have started to make a lot of instant messengers that have integrated file-sharing, collaboration, and even email service. Just wait and see all of the new technology that will come out in the next few years with instant messaging.


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