Hasta Luego SEO

About 5 years ago, I had a business and like all businesses, you want to get your name out there on the internet. After establishing my website, I decided to try to be as creative as possible in getting my business name on the first page of Google search. Well, I succeeded and surpassed many other competitors that had been around a lot longer than I had. I felt like I cracked the Holy Grail of internal search engine optimization (SEO). I could not be touched. The other companies called me asking how I passed them, and, of course, I kept my mouth shut and just let them scratch their heads. Now, if I start a new business and tried the same tactics as before, I would be met with opposition and my business would most likely never make it to the top 10 in a google search. Why? Well, in an article by Ken Krogue, titled, “The Death Of SEO: The Rise Of Social, PR, And Real Content”, he wrote about how search engine optimization is actually changing and it is changing drastically –or maybe even “dead.”
What is changing? You can thank your nearest Penguin, that is to say, Google’s new “Penguin” algorithm. What Google did is, “….change the weight of their emphasis from just “backlinks” more and more towards social media likes, shares, tweets, reddits, and 1+ (Google’s obvious favorite.)” This is turning search engine optimization from an internal search to more of an external or social linking, to determine the relevance of the website. Check the article for more great info.
The second article titled, “The Death Of SEO (Part 2): Generating Real Content” helps you to re-establish or start your web presence in the correct way. His approach to establishing valid and “real” content is extremely useful and can increase the traffic to your business. The idea of creating “core content” and using multiple facets of social media to track, entice different readers, and different audiences is genius and will be able to meet the needs of your audience. Read more here.



The Death Of SEO: The Rise Of Social, PR, And Real Content

The Death Of SEO (Part 2): Generating Real Content


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