How does your business manage its online presence?

A while back, I owned a business that needed to use social media to acquire more business. For the most part, I received my business by word of mouth, however, all of the clients always called me and asked if I had an example of some of my work online. In order for my business to be successful, I needed an online presence but, not only that, I also needed a way to track how productive and how often my website was being accessed and from where. In addition, I owed all of my success thanks to Google Analytics.
If you have not already played around with Google Analytics give it a try! Here is a link to all of the benefits that this great tool can provide – here-. As I started to use this wonderful tool, I was always targeting clients that were in my city, but after a couple of months of using Google Analytics, I discovered that my website was being accessed more outside of my city and even in different states. After I noticed this, I added to my homepage that I traveled and I displayed videos that showed our experience with working in different location. Next thing I know, I am getting email and phone calls about traveling to work on location in different cities and states. My business had increased drastically and I had even considered moving to a different city to better facilitate my clients.
In an article about Google Analytics, Gemma Holloway, provided a great overview about the multiple benefits for a business. Now, she can give you far more clear-cut information about the benefits and how-to’s about getting your business up and running. There is a little of work to get Google Analytics into your website and it will take some time to see all of the benefits that this tool can offer your business, but you should see benefits within a couple of weeks after you have it embedded into your website. Try it! I used the free version and the only time I paid was when I paid for advertising to see how many leads it provided to my website– truthfully, it did not help, but knowing how to word your homepage with key words will provide the best leads and it is free.


Google Analytics: Link
The Business Benefits of Google Analytics: Link


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