I guess it is safe to say that I am no longer a Twitirgin after spending an hour and fifteen minutes straight, tweeting, retweeting, and favoritizing on Twitter. It is true that I have sent some tweets before, but nothing to this level of magnitude. Actually, I did not even have a Twitter account until about 2 months ago, so yeah, I guess I am starting to get a hang of this tweeter thing. From what I was able to pick up by following the #SocMedDiscuss is that it is clear there are those that are Twitter masters and there are those that are twitirgins –like me. For those that have this down, I found that they usually broke off into sub-groups and started a chat with those that they knew. For those twitirgins, we tried our hardest to fully grasp how to respond  – for me at least – and tried my hardest to find out the difference between retweet and reply. I know it seems rather juvenile to those experts that I would struggle but seriously this was very hard for me.
One thing that helped me out after my second post was combining my words with hashtags. Here look at the difference:

Hashtags at the end || Hashtags in the sentence

I thought that this was a brilliant idea as most of the other tweets that I posted had the hashtags at the end. There still was a part of me that did not really like combining them, though. I thought it is rather beneficial if you have something longer to say that will exceed Twitters 140-character limit.
For me, this was all a learning experience and the world of twittering is definitely something of an art. The level of creativity and originality that goes into making a tweet can come naturally to some and to others will be a new way of thinking. Let me break down some of the big things that I learned and it is okay to laugh at some of these because I cannot see you, therefore I am ignorant of your criticism. The first thing I learned was that a hashtag can be seen by anyone and you can follow that hashtag; the way I see hashtagging is that you can pretty much create a group just by establishing a hashtag. The second thing, when posting a tweet, is @ and little did I know how complicated this guy is. Apparently, when you start with an @ (ex: @MilliVanilli are great singers #pfftright) it is only visible to those that follow you and those that follow the person/thing your are tweeting about. Though, if you put something in front of the @ (ex: I cannot believe @Snowwhite kissed me #TengoBuenosSueños) now all of your followers can see how crazy you really are; some people even put a period (.) at the beginning of the @ (ex: .@SnoopDog is pure talent #snoopsgottalent).

#likeaboss tweet.



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