Online Reputation

Meet Jordan Nielsen, a student at Utah State University and an SEO specialist, account representative for Web Marketing Services (HRI‘s Internal Internet Marketing Department for Chem-Dry franchises). I was given a task to find out as much as I can about Jordan just by looking at the World Wide Web to see what I can find out about him. Side note: I am not friends with Jordan on Facebook or any other social media platform and most of the information that I have may not be completely accurate as I am solely going off what I found (all information herein is public knowledge).

After my initial surveillance of the habits Jordan has, it is quite clear that he is a religious young adult. Some of the trends I noticed on Facebook show that he follows and likes many of the same things that members of The Church of Jesus Christ like and follow; he is also a member of the group: Young Single Adult 9th ward and 50th ward. Some more examples of what I noticed is that he likes Thomas S. Monson, the Prophet/President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, The Book of Mormon, and a he a part of the LDS Entrepreneurs on Linkedin.  With this and other pieces of information, it shows me that he is most likely a member of the aforementioned church; if not then he should probably look more into becoming a member.

Health is another theme that constantly popped up after searching for information about Jordan. Many of the Facebook page likes, again, show that he follows and likes different types of health professionals, and he is a member of Logan City Recreation Group – Sports. The trend that I see is that for Jordan, being healthy is extremely important to him, but also following and liking certain figures and companies helps make it easier for him to relate and find easy resources for future reference.

Work and school was a little more interesting as it let me expand further than just searching through Facebook. As I mentioned before, Jordan is a student at Utah State University and will be graduating in 2016 with a degree in Management Information Systems.  He is currently taking USU CMST 5000: Social Media class that has networked the student together through Facebook (genius!). As for work, he is currently working for Web Marketing Services, a division of Harris Research, and his main job is to work on search engine optimization and account management. He has been working for the company since May 2013. Before that, he worked at Aggies Design studios as a web developer and he did that for roughly a year.   This is impressive for a college student to have this level of experience before graduating and based on what I know, he should not have a hard time landing a successful career. Based on his experience in school and work, it is extremely clear that Jordan has a strong desire to work in e-commerce and other computer related ventures.

In conclusion, Jordan has a solid online reputation and though his presence is just emerging online, he should continue to find success on his current path. One thing I could not figure out is if he really has that many brothers……..I guess some sleuthing may need to be had.








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