Location Based: To the Underdog! Open Letter to Find my Friends App

Oh, Find My Friend (FMF), how long have I not even realized that you were a social networking application? The baffling interface and the risk of my privacy kept me away from you. Nevertheless, here we are. I have decided to start learning more about you and after my preliminary analysis, my conclusion has not changed much. I still feel that location based social networks can only leave you with a tiny voice in your head that says, “Who is tracking me?” or “Did I forget to put my location on private?” I am sure with some practice with the software, I will be able to get the hang of it and become a very productive tool. FMF, can you tell me why you will not let me communicate with my friends through the app? Am I supposed to stalk them, come up from behind, and say, “I have been following you”? To be honest, I can see why you’re close to being on the dump list of social networking, even though you are ranked 19th in the free social networking charts. You catch me as being plagued with so many problems that your reviews have complaints about being unable to use the same iCloud account, locations of friends being off, notifications not working, and the fact that you need an Apple device to function. Do not despair, my friend, there is a plus side to this. I read that you were able to track down people’s phones after they were stolen, give locations to family members when there’s an accident, and help locate friends or find friends that you did not know were nearby. Let us not despair. I am actually going to try you for a month and see if there’s any differences appearing in my social life. I can see the negatives and the positives to your location based way. My overall bias with social networking is solely on my conscience – as I feel that they tend to focus on the passive communication between people (I like to relate this as the lazy way to communicate with others). With your location based social networking, I am actually intrigued to see if I can resolve this and create more face-to-face communication with my friends. I know I have had instances where I was at the same place as my friends and we did not even realize it. Therefore, let us try this for a month and see if my love for your platform can mature.




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