For me personally, I had no desire to blog and that could have been for many reasons, e.g. lack of knowledge, the amount of time, and being vulnerable to criticism.  After reading a few great articles, I have begun to see the benefits of blogging, the possibilities that it can open up, and the freedom that can be unleashed from within.

Melanie Neilson with has a great article titled: Choosing a Blogging Niche.  The blog explains a lot about how it is important to not only find a ‘niche’ but to find what drives you, your desires, what voice you can add to the blogging world. So, this leads me to why we blog; to blog is to express one’s self.  If we blog about something that is of little interest to ourselves or we “…..choose a niche solely because you think it’s profitable, you’re bound to run into burnout and dissatisfaction.” I for one absolutely hate going to a blog where I am hassled with “sign up with your email,” or I am at a loss to where the blog articles is because everything is pointed to paying money, like this blog: This reminds me too much of a pushy salesperson that is only interested in making money off you and merely treating you as part of the herd. Okay, I digressed. I know that everyone has a niche and that everyone has different passions in life and, if we can find those passions, by following the many great examples that are in Melanie’s blog, you/we are bound to find something worth writing about.

Another great website is He wrote a fantastic article about secrets for setting up a professional blog; you can find the blog here. The one thing that really stood out for me was the word “self-expression”; after all, that is what blogging is mostly about. Blogging is simply a great way to get our word out there, to feel the freedom that modern technology has given us, and the fact that we no longer need to wait to be discovered; we have the power to make a name for ourselves. In the blog, he expresses the need for branding. It is interesting to think that a person needs to create a brand, but it is extremely important if you want to create awareness and visibility. If you can create a name that is memorable and easy than you are on the right path of creating a successful blog and possibly even finding your new employer, You! I highly recommend reading the blog because he gives so many great examples of having a blog and he shares a little bit about how it has really opened up his world.



Choosing a Blogging Niche by Melanie Nelson

What are the 10 Secrets Benefits of Blogging by Jeff Bullas


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