Pizza + Social Media = Perfect Recipe

If you have not seen the viral video of the “pizza delivery guy” that had his tip taken back, check it out! When I first saw the video, it was on the owner’s (Frank Correiro) YouTube account and was posted – or given permission to post – by the owner of the car dealership (1). When I first saw the video, which was titled, “Irate Pizza Delivery Guy”, I was a bit confused about what the pizza guy had done wrong. I, eventually, stopped watching as I thought the Pizza Guy (Jarrid Tansey) was rather professional and assumed the video was mistitled. The employees of the car dealership seemed more irate. After doing some sleuthing, I found that the original title was, “This is my eyes and ears when I’m out of the office, click here to find out more”(2) , and was actually posted by the owner of the Massachusetts car dealership to his IP camera website. The funny thing is that the owner thought his employees were in the right and that the pizza delivery guy had ripped them off. They didn’t stop there. They called the boss of Jarrid and had him written up, as well. It seemed like the car dealership wanted blood for a simple miscommunication. Instead, the social media beast woke up and wanted to give a little write-up to the car dealership.
There is speculation that the original intent for the video was to prove a point about how Jarrid was wrong, however, it is self-evident that this backfired. As I was reading some of the comments on the video, I noticed a guy had posted Michael Ramos Facebook page. Being the curious guy that I am, I clicked on it and was surprised by what I read. Michael had posted on his page that he and the employees were right to treat Jarrid in such a manner. He had thought that he found a safe place to post his comments, but as it turns out, his own friends had turned against him; as of now, he has taken that post down and has supplemented a religious meme. Since then, Michael, as well as Lucy (the green hat girl), have almost completely locked up their social media platforms. Now this is an interesting point. It took me only 3 minutes to find out that Michael Ramos has a teenage daughter, he is single, he is “religious”, he has a job or better yet, we know where he works. We also know he is late on his child support and we can find out what his educational background is. The list could go on. My point is that Michael Ramos’s life has been completely altered because of this video. He now has people calling him, his family, and his place of work to yell at him and tell him how terrible he is. This level of vulnerability affects Lucy, Gary (General Manager), and Frank as well. I think it is safe to say that social media has effectively destroyed a few lives (for now) and most likely put a business – out of business. This is the dark side of social media, but let us look at the lighter side, shall we?
Jarrid has had his life turned around. He passively obtained internet fame, made more money from a single tip than anyone else in the world, and unknowingly brought awareness to service based industry. Granted, his life is an open book now, but in a lighter sense, because the social community is backing him up.
What is it that drives social media in a situation like this? First, people love to find a purpose in all things; in this case, Jarrid “The Pizza Guy” was being treated unfairly. Second, people like to find fault and formulate opinions; if these opinions have a commonality between other media users, then there is purpose. Having these two reasons, you can find a perfect recipe for a viral video and a social media frenzy. With that being said, I feel that the social media community is constantly hungry for something new, something controversial, and it will always be waiting for the next viral item to devour.

2. rapscallion discovered the video and posted it to LiveLeak. He writes a summary about how he discovered the video.
3. Main Video:
4. Written up statement by Jarrid:

5. Michael Ramos Interview

6. Lucy (green hat girl) Interview


Social Media Platforms: Facebook Remains King

Have you looked to see how many different types of social media platforms are out there? In the article: Top 52 Social Media Platforms Every Marketer Should Know, Jamie Turner, breaks down all 52 platforms that people/business use to promote or brand themselves. This is an exhaustive list and actually does not even cover all of the different social media platforms. It seems, everyday, there is a new platform vying for our attention. In a recent Pew Research of adults (18+) using social media, they have found that even with all of this competition, Facebook, even though stagnate in new users, still remains king and actually has increased in daily usage. They are also finding that new platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are increasing in popularity, but does this mean more competition for Facebook? Actually, it is nothing but good news for them. In fact, Facebook has evolved. Pew Research has shown “52% of online adults use multiple social media sites. Facebook acts as “home base” — it remains the most popular site for those who only use one, and has significant overlap with other platforms.” When I look at all the social media, I realize that most of these platforms have a niche that they fill and, like me, people have a variety of niches; my thoughts on why Facebook tends to be king, is that it is universal in its market and it doesn’t apply just to one niche or demographic. Yes, I can hear you say, “But not every person or business benefits from Facebook.” This may be true, but in a general perspective, it can act as a great central point for the person or business to venture out from. That is to say, if they realize that Facebook is not fulfilling their need or market, they can explore other platforms and still use Facebook to keep connected to that mainstream medium.
Top 52 Social Media Platforms Every Marketer Should Know


For me personally, I had no desire to blog and that could have been for many reasons, e.g. lack of knowledge, the amount of time, and being vulnerable to criticism.  After reading a few great articles, I have begun to see the benefits of blogging, the possibilities that it can open up, and the freedom that can be unleashed from within.

Melanie Neilson with has a great article titled: Choosing a Blogging Niche.  The blog explains a lot about how it is important to not only find a ‘niche’ but to find what drives you, your desires, what voice you can add to the blogging world. So, this leads me to why we blog; to blog is to express one’s self.  If we blog about something that is of little interest to ourselves or we “…..choose a niche solely because you think it’s profitable, you’re bound to run into burnout and dissatisfaction.” I for one absolutely hate going to a blog where I am hassled with “sign up with your email,” or I am at a loss to where the blog articles is because everything is pointed to paying money, like this blog: This reminds me too much of a pushy salesperson that is only interested in making money off you and merely treating you as part of the herd. Okay, I digressed. I know that everyone has a niche and that everyone has different passions in life and, if we can find those passions, by following the many great examples that are in Melanie’s blog, you/we are bound to find something worth writing about.

Another great website is He wrote a fantastic article about secrets for setting up a professional blog; you can find the blog here. The one thing that really stood out for me was the word “self-expression”; after all, that is what blogging is mostly about. Blogging is simply a great way to get our word out there, to feel the freedom that modern technology has given us, and the fact that we no longer need to wait to be discovered; we have the power to make a name for ourselves. In the blog, he expresses the need for branding. It is interesting to think that a person needs to create a brand, but it is extremely important if you want to create awareness and visibility. If you can create a name that is memorable and easy than you are on the right path of creating a successful blog and possibly even finding your new employer, You! I highly recommend reading the blog because he gives so many great examples of having a blog and he shares a little bit about how it has really opened up his world.



Choosing a Blogging Niche by Melanie Nelson

What are the 10 Secrets Benefits of Blogging by Jeff Bullas

Social Media Change

Happy Birthday! It’s that time of the year where your Facebook page lights up with notifications letting you know that people are congratulating on living another year. This year I decided to look how people communicated my birthday wishes. Now, I already had a preconceived notion which one would prevail and of course I was pretty spot on. As it broke down, I noticed I only received a handful of text messages, phone calls and private messages, but the main stream of congratulations was from none other than Facebook’s ‘wall post’. This really made me think about how distant social media has pushed our interpersonal communications and how we are now, in some form, communicating by means of a third-party. I am not here to say that I am an exception to the rule, however, I can see the path that lies ahead.
Since social media is so convenient and popular, it is easy to say that it is a mainstay for our generation, but what does that mean for our face-to-face communication? I believe that social media has opened a new level of communication and has made it easier than ever to connect with long-lost friends, close the gap with distant relationships, and can act as a great ice-breaker. However, this communication is all virtual, yes an emoticon may tell us that they are happy or excited, but it becomes difficult to really see how they truly feel. What I mean is this – social media has taken a lot of the essential aspects we have evolved to use for communication, for instance, body language, eye contact, touch, natural instinct, etc. and as we continually evolve, those instincts will diminish. I believe that we could really be looking at a world where some of us will live vicariously through surrogates or virtual avatars and our face-to-face communication will be replaced with a virtual pop-up of “$@ud!Pr!nc30fB3llAiR wants to talk to you privately in his castle on top of candy mountain!”
Now for the optimistic side- I find it hard for everyone to turn completely virtual and I know that there is a great balance that can come from social media and face-to-face communication. With that, a part of me feels that even though we converging with social media/electronics, we will still have the drive for physical communication and that will stay with us as long as we are still human.